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Hi! Welcome to Restart. I'm Brenda and I live in The South. I'm just a lady that loves her family and sharing my life.That life has made a major change after 29 years of being wife and Nana. Now I live for me. I have dreams that I had let die and today I must live them. God has blessed me with a second chance at life and I desire to live it to the fullest.I am into eating healthy,exercise,running,hiking and bike riding. If it means staying in shape and feeling good I am all for it ....other things I enjoy or cooking, decorating,thrifting,travel and walking where history took place.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Making a life style change...

Okay we are kicking off a New year and this is a time that most people decide to diet. I thought this was a good time to share some of my "Life style change"
My "Life style change" started after the separation from my husband.It was the moment I looked in the mirror and wondered where did BRENDA go? Yes I had a year full of health issues and some of that packed on weight however I can't blame it all on that. It was at that time I was also on many medications that cause weight gain. Not to mention I was raised Southern and loved to cook.
That day standing there in the mirror was the life changer for me though. I started to reflect on all the activities I loved as a younger girl. I remembered how active I was before I filled my life with kids and staying busy with a family. It was then that I realized that the same person was in my heart. It was only me now and it was important that I felt good both inside and out. I knew that with the injuries I had that it maybe a slow process,but that wasn't going to stop me!! I know many of you reading this have health problems and think there is no way I could go to a gym,ride a bike or run. If you only knew that when I started I found it hard to walk to my mail box.If you remember I had a ankle injury on one leg and a toe injury on the other. You can't worry about the race just take baby steps.Remember that some is always better than none.
It was after my doctor told me that exercise would help the pain that I decided to join the gym and it did change me. I started to feel so much better and the energy came. Before I knew it I was adding more and more activity.
The other part of this "Life style change" was my eating and cooking. Diet is such a dirty word however when you think of it as a change for the better it is easier. I started to search for recipes for the foods I loved that would be made healthy. I also started to research and see just what is in some of this junk we eat. Wow that will sure cause you to change for sure. The healthier I ate the better I felt and the energy was even better.I also found that the cleaner I ate I even felt better.
I have had many people contact me and ask me how and what I do. I may make a few folks upset here,but I tell you no matter what if you take in more than you burn it has no choice..it will turn to fat.If you eat fast food and box food you will not only gain weight you are not getting good nutrition. Have you ever got bad gas at a pump in your car? How did it run? Well your body is your car for life and what you fuel it with is how good it will run.
I have also had people ask me did I have weight loss surgery? NO I could never see that as the answer. To me it was a fast fix that you still had to cut back and eat small portions. No matter what you have to make change to get change.If you go back to your old habits you will get what you started with. I love the saying" If you want something you never had you have to do something you never did" I have found this so true in my life.
Today I can say I have found "Brenda" again. Each day I have to keep going and know it was worth the "Life style change" to get here.
I know if I can do this anyone can.It is my heart to be there and help others anyway I can. Dig down deep,muster up strength and make that "Life style change" for YOU!

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  1. You look great today, Brenda! I remember when you hurt your foot in that store and I remember all the grief you went through. I am happy for you today! I have a Silver Sneaker card and I wanted to begin walking at the WMCA with Alan. I have lost 18 pounds this past year, not because I wanted to, but for some reason, I started losing weight. I found a new doctor and she gave me one pill so that I could eat more. So far it is working. Keep up the good work. You are beautiful inside and out.