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Hi! Welcome to Restart. I'm Brenda and I live in The South. I'm just a lady that loves her family and sharing my life.That life has made a major change after 29 years of being wife and Nana. Now I live for me. I have dreams that I had let die and today I must live them. God has blessed me with a second chance at life and I desire to live it to the fullest.I am into eating healthy,exercise,running,hiking and bike riding. If it means staying in shape and feeling good I am all for it ....other things I enjoy or cooking, decorating,thrifting,travel and walking where history took place.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The princess and her prince

Once upon a time there was this princess.She lived in the Southern Islands. Night after night this princess stayed in her castle. She knew there was a big beautiful world out there she desired to explore however something was missing. As she would lay in her bed night after night she would pray to God for her prince. She knew deep in her heart he was out there. One evening when she was looking in a book full of men who thought they were a prince she came upon a photo. With every page she turned she couldn't forget the image burned in her mind. The image of strength all dressed in the most vibrant blue.All though the vibrant color stayed in her mind that wasn't what she couldn't forget. Each time she closed her eyes she remembered his beautiful smile and eyes that glowed like none she had ever seen. From time to time she would go back to the book and look and admire him.
One night as she sat there she decided she would try and contact him. Though many miles away she had hope that this prince would get her letter. Much to her surprise one day she received a letter in return. Her heart beat with joy as she read it over and over. Could it be true? This handsome prince that she had admired so long was going to ride into town to meet her. As the day approached her excitement grew. Early one morning she awoke and put on her beautiful dress and got ready to go into town to finally meet him. As she mounted her tan mare she had no idea that this day would change her life. Glowing with excitement she mounted her tan horse and started her journey toward town. Each mile she rode her head was full of thoughts of what the prince would think of her. As her horse pulled into town she looked for him. He was not there and deep within her stomach she felt butterflies however she knew he wouldn't let her down. She looked to her left and to her right wondering where could her prince be.Just like she had dreamed all of the sudden he appeared. He was riding the most beautiful grey mare. Even though his mare was shining and beautiful it couldn't compare to the beauty of the strong man that climbed down off of it. As this strong man came toward her she knew this was the man that she had seen in her book. His eyes glowed even brighter than she could ever have imagined. The closer he got his smile was bright like the stars.
Within minutes as she touched him she felt a tingle of life that she had never felt. Minutes turned to hours and they shared special moments together. When late evening started to set and she knew they must part she didn't wanna see him ride away. There was something she seen deep in his heart that drew her like no other.
As the princess arrived back to her castle that night all she could do is smile as her mind replayed the day she had spent with this beautiful man. There he was the man she had prayed night after night for.
Though they had distance and time between them they made up their minds they both shared a deep desire to be together.
With great effort they spent as much time as they could together. They shared so many special times and love grew stronger one for another.A love that she knew nothing could change.
One night when she was sitting at her castle a great storm started to blow. It was a storm that would change her life. A storm that would keep the man she had grown to love like no other away. Day after day even though the sun would shine there was still always darkness. A darkness that only the brightness of his smile and glow from his eyes could bring back.
The princess would get up day after day and go through her life however the thought of this prince never went away. Late at night she would long for his strong arms..the arms that made her feel so secure. She longed to feel his heart beat..the heart that she could see like few could. She longed for those beautiful eyes that glowed like gold. Not one night did she ever give up and stop praying. She knew that her God didn't bring this prince to allow such a storm to keep them apart.
One day when the princess was out doing her chores she got a letter. As she opened the letter her heart started to beat so hard she could hardly stand it. The princess found her a place to sit and read the letter again. Her prince was coming into town and wanted to drop by the castle. How could she prepare for this she thought. She dreamed so many nights of the touch she missed. Would she really look into his eyes again? Would she really feel the strength of his arms again?
The moral of the story...Many storms in life will come.Many storms that will try to steal and take you away from the dreams and desire you have in your heart.Never give up..keep the faith and when you find that something special fight hard for it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

With tears I crossed the finish line...

With tears I crossed the finish line...many of you may ask why would I have tears as I finished my first Half Century in Santa Fe New Mexico. You would have to understand the name of this blog to understand the tears. "Brenda's Restart" a blog that I started when I was given a second chance at life and decided to pick life and not allow my past to destroy me.
I'll back track a few years for those that are new to my blog. See it was only a few years back that all in one year I had my right ankle crushed,my left toe smashed off that it was only holding on by the skin,a head on collision so with all this I was in a wheel chair because I couldn't use either foot. If that were not enough a few months later I had emergency surgery after bleeding 11 weeks straight and thinking it was cancer. Oh and I can't leave out the death of a marriage I was in for 29 years.
Now that I have you caught up lets get back to life today because that is where I live now! I give God the glory for my life and testimony he has been building in me.
On Sunday the 17th of May I completed my first Half Century cycle event in Santa Fe. yes that is 50 miles. In those 50 miles as I rode across some beautiful country side it gave me much time to reflect my life. A life that I decided to give my all to..A life that Satan desired to destroy!
With each hill and each mile I felt so blessed. I thought how easy it would have been to give up the fight. How many people let the struggles in life beat and keep them down. I thought about the days that were so hard I didn't know how I would make it however I kept my eyes on God the one that carried me and gave me strength for each new day. With each baby step that I took he met me where I was. I would have never thought that one day id look back and see how far he brought me. I thought about how God picked me to live this story so I could share with others and give them hope.
As I rode further I could see how all the lonely hard times God was making me stronger..giving me a fight deep within.
I felt him there with me..and had a new understanding of the call he has on my life. 
The tears that came as I crossed the finish line were tears of Joy..tears of praise...tears of hope and most of  all tears that I decided to live with God leading me and not give up.
But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.